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I'm an outgoing person who relies on office interactions, and working from home through COVID has been difficult. This book is a big help! 

Gillaum B.

Paris, France



Melanie has written over 15 reference books on Microsoft technologies designed to embrace change and adopt technology with ease.

In 2007, the thought struck within her that technology will be a defining moment for all of us and is critical to adopt. It caused her shift focus to help others adopt technology, and over the years watched businesses grow in ways they never imagined because they used technology to streamline business processes and sold a product or service in a new way.

In this latest book, Melanie uses the most common ways we work with one another in person throughout the workday and translates it to a remote experience using Microsoft Teams. Each chapter includes step-by-step instructions and a tip to help you as you pioneer your own remote experience.

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